Senior Researcher: Dr. Javier Peña Lasa

Graduated and doctor in Psychology from the University of Deusto. Currently, he works at the University of Deusto as a contracted professor, in the campus of Bilbao. He teaches classes in the degrees of Psychology, Social Education, Social Work, and also in the official master of Mental Health and Psychological Therapies. Specifically, he teaches the courses of “Basic Psychological Processes I” ( in both Basque and Spanish), “Basic Psychology” in the degrees of Social Education and Social Work (Basque), and the course of “Applied Neuropsychology in the Daily Life” in the Master of Mental Health and Psychological Therapies. His publications are principally based on psychosis and neuropsychology. In the last years he has been working on psychosis and neuropsychological rehabilitation. He is part of the “Neuropsychology od psychiatric and neurological disorders” research team (Type A by the Basque Government). He is also involved in the study of neuropsychological valuation.