Double Master: General Health Psychology Master + Clinical Neuropsychology (120 ECTS)

The university of Deusto offers the opportunity of doing the Clinical Neuropsychology Master (taught by the research team) simultaneously with the General Sanitary Psychology Master, obtaining this way a double major in two years. This plan is directed to psychology graduates that have taken at least 90 ECTS. The internship (36ECTS) will be carried out […]

Introduction to Neuroimaging Techniques for first year Master students

Students from the Master in Clinical neuropsychology and Master in General Health Psychology  will have their first approach to neuroimage analysis techniques through practice in our laboratory on February 4th and 10th, 2016. In this first approach, students will be able to learn about the preprocessing  and a analysis of cerebral structural and functional images with the […]

I Introductory Course in Quantitative Clinical Neuroimage

Date: 27 Nov 2015 This course is oriented towards providing basic knowledge about methods to quantify cerebral damage and dysfunction through neuroimagen, more precisely, through Magnetic Resonance (MR). Moreover, the course addresses the applicability of this methods to answer concrete clinical questions in common neurodegenerative or neurological disorders, such as Parkinson´s disease, multiple sclerosis, neuropaediatric disorders […]

Official Clinical Neuropsychology MS (60 ECTS)

The practice of clinical Neuropsychology requires a specialised postgraduate education. The University of Deusto supports the education in Neuropsychology since the 90s. In 1999, the Psychology degree incorporated a specialised itinerary with 9 modules directly related to this area, becoming the most demanded one among students. In the course 2014-2015 the Official Clinical Neuropsychology Master […]

REHACOP program Training course

The main objective of the course is to train in neuropsychological rehabilitation  techniques that will qualify them to carry out intervention activities with patients and users. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES: To know the principles of neuropsychological rehabilitation, its models and functioning principles and to revise the principal cognitive domains, as well as the most common cognitive deficits in each […]