REHACOP program Training course

The main objective of the course is to train in neuropsychological rehabilitation  techniques that will qualify them to carry out intervention activities with patients and users.


  • To know the principles of neuropsychological rehabilitation, its models and functioning principles and to revise the principal cognitive domains, as well as the most common cognitive deficits in each of them.
  • To familiarise and learn how to manage the cognitive rehabilitation REHACOP program
  • To acquire enough knowledge to be able to carry a real intervention with patients using the REHACOP.

The course has two parts:

  • The first one consists on revising the contributions of neuropsychology to the field of rehabilitation of the most frequent psychiatric and neurological disorders. It emphasizes the characteristics of neuropsychological interventions and the standardised intervention programs and other no standardised intervention strategies. Similarly, the course will describe and develop the experimental experiences that are being carried out involving neuropsychological rehabilitation in multicentre studies and its possible applications to other collaborating centres.
  • The second part consists on a practical workshop with the neuropsychological rehabilitation program for psychosis and schizophrenia, REHACOP. Here, the students will get familiar with the program, they will learn its characteristics and how to implement it, and they will acquire all the necessary knowledge to implement it with their patients.

The course has been provided in several occasions in different centres and universities, at a national an international level.

  • Palacio Congresos Vitoria (March 2016)
  • Hotel Ciudad de Vitoria (March 2015)
  • VII FANSE Congress (October 2015)
  • University of Deusto (September 2015)
  • Mendoza, Argentina (November 2014)
  • Deusto-Psych. University of Deusto (April-May2014)
  • Health Network of La Rioja and Biomedical Centre of Research of La Rioja (November 2013)
  • Practical Workshop in the National Congress of Psiquiatry (September 2013)
  • Osakidetza: IV Business day of the mental health network of Viscay.  (June 2013)
  • San Luis de Potosí, National Congress of Neuropsycgology, México (May 2013)
  • University of Deusto: Course accredited by the Official College of Psychology and declared of sanitary scientific interest by the Health Department, Basque Government. (March 2013)
  • Palacio Europa en Vitoria (March 2013)
  • Osakidetza (November 2012)
  • VII National Congress of Neuropsychology: theoretical and practical workshop. (October 2012)
  • University of Deusto (September 2012)


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