I Introductory Course in Quantitative Clinical Neuroimage

Date: 27 Nov 2015

This course is oriented towards providing basic knowledge about methods to quantify cerebral damage and dysfunction through neuroimagen, more precisely, through Magnetic Resonance (MR). Moreover, the course addresses the applicability of this methods to answer concrete clinical questions in common neurodegenerative or neurological disorders, such as Parkinson´s disease, multiple sclerosis, neuropaediatric disorders or dyslexia.

The course is directed to researchers in the field of Neuroscience, interested in entering the neuroimagen field, specially in the use of applied MR in clinical questions. The course is also directed to Neuropsychology master students, Bioengineering and Neuroscience master students, as well as to psychologists and doctors interested in neuroimage.

For more information: :  I Course Neuroimaging University of Deusto