Congratulations to Naroa Iberretxe! The new young academic member of the Academy of Sciences, Arts, and Letters

Dr. Naroa Ibarretxe has been selected young academic of Jakiunde, the academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters. Graduated in Psychology from the University of Deusto and Doctor in Medicine from the University of Barcelona, currently she is a lecturer of the Faculty of Psychology and Education, a researcher of “Neuropsychology of severe medical disorders” team, and the director of the Master’s degree in Clinical Neuropsychology in the University of Deusto. The objective of Jakiunde is to promote and spread Sciences, Arts and Letters in the territorial setting in which Basque language and culture are involved, emphasizing in a special way the quality and the search for excellence, constituting a forum about the society’s scientific, artistic and literary communities’ great challenge of reflection, analysis, diagnostics, and counsel. Under the current presidency of the chemical physical Jesús M. Ugalde and the Honorific Presidency of Pedro Miguel Etxenike, Jakiunde gather celebrities of great prestige in their respective fields. Members of the Academy are publically recognized due to their labor in different disciplines of pure and applied sciences, artistic creation, and critical thinking, and they bet on working together in order to provide society with their perception about future challenges.