Official Clinical Neuropsychology MS (60 ECTS)

The practice of clinical Neuropsychology requires a specialised postgraduate education. The University of Deusto supports the education in Neuropsychology since the 90s. In 1999, the Psychology degree incorporated a specialised itinerary with 9 modules directly related to this area, becoming the most demanded one among students. In the course 2014-2015 the Official Clinical Neuropsychology Master was inaugurated.

The master is directed to graduate students and to professionals working in the field of Health Science (Psychology, Medicine, Speech therapy, Occupational therapy, and Nursery) interested in acquiring the necessary competences to work in the filed of Neuropsychology. An undergraduate degree in Psychology, Medicine, Speech therapy, Occupational therapy or Nursery will be a compulsory entry requirement.

Our team collaborates with prestigious national and international groups. In fact, some of these professional will come to the UD once a year to give a seminar to the master’s students.

Besides, the Master in Clinical Neuropsychology includes an internship (18 ECTS) in accredited centres and establishments, under the tutelage of professionals working in the field.