REHACOP: an Integrative Cognitive Rehabilitation Program in Psychosis

  The REHACOP is an integrative cognitive rehabilitation program, initially designed and validated for people with psychosis and Schizophrenia. This program is based on the restauration, compensation and optimisation principles of the cognitive functions. In addition, the efficacy of the REHACOP has also been proved with people with multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and normal ageing. After its […]

CogTrain: compensatory cognitive training program

TRAIN YOUR BRAIN Compensatory cognitive training program Cognitive remediation is a therapeutic method that seeks to improve people’s performance in different cognitive domains, such as, attention, memory and learning, executive functions, language, social cognition and meta-cognition. The final goal is that the recipient acquires efficient strategies for an adequate, general and lasting life functioning (Cognitive […]

Normacog Brief Batery (NBB)

It is a Neuropsychological battery for adults that belong to the multicentre Normacog project of normalisation and standardisation of neuropsychological instruments in healthy people. The present battery aims to quickly and efficiently evaluate the cognitive profile and performance of the patient. It counts with adequate normative data for Spanish population, that will allow its adequate […]

UD Interference Test

The UD Interference Test is a new neuropsychological instrument, included in the multicentre study of normalisation and standardisation of neuropsychological instruments in healthy people (Normacog). It has been created based on the Stroop Test,1935 (Golden, 2001), and in the concept of interference. Its objective is to overcome the limitations related to the actual Word-Colour Stroop Test, […]