The “NEUROCREA” project receives funding from the Leonardo Scholarships for researchers and cultural creators of the BBVA Foundation

“NEUROCREA: improvement of creativity through non-invasive brain stimulation (tDCS)” The goal of the project is to know if it is possible to improve, through non-invasive brain stimulation techniques, commercial products that require high doses of creativity in their design, in basic and applied research. Randomized trials will be carried out combining conventional methodologies of well-known […]

Cognitive rehabilitation techniques to treat schizophrenia

The article “Cognitive Rehabilitation Techniques To Treat Schizophrenia” in the Science Trends webpage has presented the results of the “Mechanisms of functional improvement through cognitive rehabilitation in schizophrenia” paper published in the Journal of Psychiatric Research. Results suggest that both verbal memory and processing speed play an important role as mediators in the improvement of […]

World Parkinson’s Day 11 Abril 2018 “WE MOVE FOR PARKINSON’S DISEASE”

This Wednesday, April 11, 2018, World Parkinson’s Day is celebrated, and ASPARBI celebrates a solidarity gala under the motto “WE MOVE FOR THE PARKINSON” to give visibility to the disease, but also to the association ASPARBI. Dr. Natalia Ojeda has been invited to give a lecture on the work that has been carried out since 2012 […]

Radio interview to Dra. Ojeda and ASPARBI for the World Parkinson’s Day

For the World Parkinson Day 11 April Dr. Ojeda together with ASPARBI they were interviewed for the radio program “you will never be so young”. Link to the interview (Spanish): Interview Dr. Natalia Ojeda explains the work that the research group has been developed since 2012 with ASPARBI, highlighting the effectiveness of the cognitive rehabilitation program […]

(Castellano) Charlas 11 Febrero Día de la Mujer y la Niña en la Ciencia

The team has participated in the International Day for Women and Girls in Science. The February 11 initiative has promoted on its website ( the meeting between educational centres that request a talk and scientists that are interested in disseminating their work for this purpose. These talks have been given during the first fortnight of […]